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Dive Seafari from El Nido to Coron

Matt and I found the most unique way to travel from El Nido to Coron. 
we had spent our last 5 days in El Nido, and we had to get to Coron for our next stop. We rallied fellow scuba buddies we had met on Malapascua Island to come with us… can you guess what it was?

Dive Seafari!

That’s right… It’s not a typo. That’s a fantastic pun.

Dive Seafari El Nido Coron Palawan Philippines Shipwreck Divers
These divers are A-OK!

What is a Dive Seafari?

A “dive seafari” is basically like a live aboard diving boat, but you don’t “live aboard”. Clear as mud? Haha. Confused? Seems like you’re still interested though, so read on.

First of all, the Dive Seafari leaves from El Nido. For four days you do three dives a day. Each night you stay at a hotel on an island. On the fourth and final day you reach Coron.

The scuba diving was incredible. We explored the reefs of the Northern Palawan Area and the World War II Japanese Shipwrecks in Coron. We ate like kings everyday, thanks to the boat chef. Above all we were safe and cared for by the fantastic Submariner Diving team and boat crew.

Details from the Submariner website are here.

Dive Seafari El Nido Coron Palawan Philippines Shipwreck Hermit Crab
This little hermit crab wants you to come diving!

Which scuba qualifications do I need for the Dive Seafari?

Here’s the fun part…. none! Because Submariner Diving is a 5 star PADI centre, you can do your training ON the Seafari.

In saying that though, to get your monies worth, you would probably want your Open Water certification, at least. This way, you can do your Advanced certification on board (as a few did on our Seafari). You’ll want your Advanced certification due to the depth of the World War II shipwrecks. Most of them sit at around 30 meters.

Finally, nitrox is a fantastic option for those who like to penetrate the shipwrecks and really investigate its depths. You don’t want to go into deco or have to shallow up early as a result of poor planning.

Dive Seafari El Nido Coron Palawan Philippines Shipwreck
Explore ALL the shipwrecks!

Was the Dive Seafari worth it?

After all that you still need to ask? The answer is heck yes! But don’t let mere words convince you. In addition to our normal photos I made this super amazing fantastic video of our time diving all the way from El Nido to Coron. I’m sure you’ll be booking your own Seafari as a result.

How can I be awesome like you and do the Dive Seafari?

You’ll find all the details for the Dive Seafari on the Submariner Diving website. The team are all super responsive. This, above all, helped us with the booking process.

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