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How to get a Visa Extension in Bali

Hi Team! Now this won’t be a re-write of many other detailed posts on how to get a visa extension in Bali. I’ll actually link you to a few! I just found that when I Googled how to do this before Matt and I arrived, I found very little information, and it wasn’t until I was here and knew how it was done, that I found more information about it on Google. Perhaps it was because Google saw I was in Bali? I don’t know. I just thought I could pull the important points of info together here for you, from me, a trustworthy source *angel emoticon*.

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How to get a Visa Extension in Bali

Visa on Arrival (VoA) is obviously, like most other visas, subject to your passport/nationality. Check out this page for a brief overview on VoA and what countries are valid. The regular VoA allows you to stay for 30 days as a tourist. The visa extension in Bali allows you to stay an extra 30 days.

Step One: Get a PAID Visa on Arrival

The first and most important thing is to get your paid Visa on Arrival. You cannot extend your free visa on arrival. I feel like no one tells you this when you Google “How to get a Visa Extension in Bali”. When you rock up at Denpasar airport, turn left before passport control. You’ll see a small, but tall desk with apparently no one behind it. They’ll be there, curled up behind it on their phone. Pay $35 USD for 2 slips of paper. Don’t lose this paper. You can then go through passport control, using the “paid visa on arrival” line. It’s much shorter. Winner winner, chicken dinner.

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Step 2: Organise your Visa Extension Application Form

Now this one is a tricky one. Matt and I got lucky and with the help of Blue Corner. We got in contact with a Visa Agent, and then sent our passports to the Immigration Office via Rocky Fast Boats. It felt weird to just send off our passports, but that’s the way it’s done. If you’re not so lucky, you’ll need to rock up to the Immigration Office and wait in line to DIY it. Don’t freak out, but they will probably need to keep your passport. It feels strange just handing it over, but that’s how you get a visa extension in Bali! You’ll get it back, promise.

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Step 3: Photograph/Fingerprint/Signature Appointment

You’ll need to arrange to head to the Immigration Office a second time to get your photo taken, your fingerprints scanned and sign some stuff. Take a ticket and get in line. The process for us was actually really quick because our Visa Agent set an appointment for us. If you DIY it, you might not be so lucky. Once your number is called up, go to the weird super secret looking door near the entry, and just walk in. You’ll sit, and the process will be over in about 30 seconds. Matt got asked what we were doing here so long, but no one asked me a thing. Don’t bother asking the people doing the prints any questions. They are robotic machines, pushing through all the people and paperwork.

PLEASE REMEMBER: Steps 2 & 3 need to be completed PRIOR to the expiry of your initial 30 day Visa on Arrival.

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Step 4: Get your Passport Back

You will either have to go back to the Immigration Office a third time, or meet up with your Visa Agent somewhere. Generally it’ll take 4 business days for it to be ready. You’ll have a fancy little sticker on a page in your passport, with the day you gotta get outta there. You also will need to pay the fees. Here’s a recap of what they are. It’ll be more if you hired a Visa Agent.

And that’s how to get your visa extension in Bali! Of course if you would like to stay longer than that, you could always do a border run – fly out to a neighbouring country, get your passport stamped, then head back to Indonesia to begin the process again.

This article is a very accurate write up of the process – highly recommend a read through if you’re considering a Visa Extension in Bali. My only disagreement was with my Visa Agent. It was considerably harder for Matt and I to just rock up to the Immigration Office, being on the island of Nusa Lembongan. Our Visa Agent Komang made the process so easy, was very responsive (even when I messaged her on the weekend) and extremely flexible.

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Here are some other articles that are worth a look through if you’re interested in how to get your visa extension in Bali;

Great information on what to take to the immigration office

Good information on Visa Agents

If you would like the details for my Visa Agent, drop your email in the comments below and I’ll share them with you!

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    • Hi Michelle – this article is quite old now, so I’m unsure if this contact is still valid. You can try Komang +6285737400823 via whatsapp.

    • Hey Monique,

      Having the exact same issues with visa extension staying on nusa Lembongan.
      Please could you send on the information to me.

      Thank you so much

      • Hi Lauren – this article is quite old now, so I’m unsure if this contact is still valid.

  1. Hey Monique, great infos here, thanks for that!
    As I’m doing my DM as well with blue corner and I’m only on a (extandable) VOA, I’ll have to do the same sort of stuff. Could you please send me your Infos about the recommended agent(s) via email? Gracias, Olito

  2. Hi Monique! Thanks for your helpful info – I’m also on Nusa Lembongan and facing the same issue. Would you possibly please be able to flick me the details and pricing of the trusted agent you used? Thanks so much 🙂

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