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What to do in Brussels City

Our last stop on our Euro adventure was Brussels city! We were a bit run down and ready to kick back, so without further ado; what to do in Brussels without breaking the bank or breaking your back. Chilled out vibes all round. We were staying at the ibis Brussels off Grand Place, which was the perfect spot at a decent price.

Go Smurf hunting

Did you know these little blue creatures were born in Brussels in 1958? You can find them throughout Brussels city in the form of statues, murals, stores… and the list goes on! I grew up with the Smurfs, so it was a lot of fun seeing them everywhere. I’m not sure Matt knew what the big deal was.

Smurf Statue in Brussels City

Check out the amazing architecture and history throughout Brussels City.

We were pretty tired after 6 weeks of non stop go-go-go, so we kind’ve just meandered the streets, taking everything in at face value, and not bothering to look up the history. Do you ever get like that? It was nice to just LOOK at things and not have to think too hard about it.

Royal Gallery of Saint Hubert

Royal Gallery of Saint Hubert

Brussels City Streets Belgium

Grand Market Place Brussels City

Grand Market Place

Mont des Arts

Mont des Arts

Mont des Arts

Mont des Arts

Mont des Arts Brussels City

Mont des Arts

Brussels City Streets

Search the streets and alleys for waffles, beer and fries!

Ok, so I didn’t get all the photos I should’ve because I was too busy stuffing my face. In my defense, my phone camera is broken, so it made it hard. Also, I just like eating.

Here are some of my recommendations…

Beer – Moeder Lambic. Chilled out vibes. Rotation of guest beers. What else do you want? … yep the food is good too. Nice outdoor seating to watch the world go by.

Food and Beer – Fin de Siecle. A recommendation from a friend who goes to Brussels a lot, and she was on the money. Plenty of beers choices and traditional Belgium food. Fantastic staff ready to tell you what’s extra good and what beer to have it with.

Waffles – Maison Dandoy. Now Matt and I had through a lot of waffles and Googling to find this place (hello 5kg on my butt), but we found it. And oh gawd it was good. So good we bought some biscuits to take back for friends. Unfortunately the biscuits were freaking awful. Don’t buy biscuits. Only waffles.

We didn’t find anywhere that I would recommend for fries. I actually just didn’t think anywhere was that good! Maybe I was going to the wrong places.

Get chandelier envy at the Royal Palace

Another city, another wealthy family. Matt and I popped into the Place des Palais of Brussels because we figured we had to see SOMETHING while we were here, and the palace was walking distance from our hotel. Also, it was free. The place was BRIMMING with chandeliers. It was gorgeous, but all I could think about was the poor sod who had to clean the things, haha. There was also a room with beetles covering the ceiling. I don’t know, don’t ask me.

Royal Palace of Brussels Gardens

Royal Palace of Brussels

Royal Palace of Brussels 2

Inside the Royal Palace of Brussels

Inside the Royal Palace of Brussels 1

Inside the Royal Palace of Brussels 2

Inside the Royal Palace of Brussels 3

Just chill out and watch the world go by

Grab a beer, sit back, and see some of the interesting characters that Brussels City has to offer. My favourite was a guy who danced by himself, non-stop, in broad daylight, outside a pub, with a beer, for about 3 hours. He had some sweet moves too.

Brussels was the perfect spot to spend a chilled out couple of days till our flight out of Europe. It was nice to have a couple of days of “slow travel”. Do you ever do that?


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