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My Must-Have Summer Travel Accessories

Travel accessories come in all shapes and sizes, and these days it’s not hard to know the vital few you need to get you by in a different country… power adapters, suitcase cubes… you know… the usual. Here are some accessories that maybe you wouldn’t think about but are on my essentials list.

JORD Wooden Watch

“It’s ok, I have a mobile” I hear you say. I don’t know about you, but I suck at being on time and my mobile is always at the bottom of my back pack, so you’ll always find me wearing a watch (my watch tan is insanely embarrassing). My latest fav is my JORD wooden watch. I went for the Frankie Zebrawood & Champagne. This wooden watch has a large face that’s easy to glance quickly at, but doesn’t look crazy huge on my tiny wrist, unlike some woman’s watches on the market. It’s an amazing neutral colour that goes with all my summer clothes, and the Bali beaches! JORD carries a lot of unique watches, all made of wood (none of that nasty plastic here). Fella’s, there are men’s watches as well! Interested? Check out this contest to get $100 off a wooden watch of your own – even if you don’t win, you’ll still get a 10% off voucher! Entries close 26 Aug 2018, but you can get 10% off until 23 Sept 2018.

Jord Wooden Watch

Jord Unique Wooden Watch

Jord Womens Watch

Wanderlightly Reusable Cutlery Kit

These beauties were a gift! My thoughtful friend knew I was travelling through South East Asia and feels as passionate as me about waste reduction. What an absolute god-send. Not only do I feel better about saving the environment, but they look pretty flash too! Also… they match my wooden watch. Haha. It’s easier to say no to a straw in your fresh coconut when you have a gorgeous metal straw to use, and a wooden spoon to scrape out the delicious coconut. Find them here. They come in a cute pouch too!

Wanderlightly Reusable Cutlery Nusa Ceningan

KeepCup Reusable Coffee Cup

Bonkers for coffee? Me too. Thing is, I like my coffee black (like my heart), and hot (like my summers), so I always find it takes me ages to finish. In comes my KeepCup! It’s double insulated so I don’t burn my hand off, spill proof because I am clumsy and reusable because #waronwaste. I find it heartbreaking the amount of waste coffee cups generate. You should get one of these even if you’re not travelling.

KeepCup Nusa Lembongan

Straw Hat by Will and Bear

I always feel dorky in a normal cap, but nothing says stylish and sun smart like a cute straw hat. Will and Bear make amazing hats and if I had all the money, I’d buy infinity of them. I always slip, slop, slap and (apparently) slide, because skin cells in trauma is just not cool, ok? The straw is quite sturdy and has survived many international flights in my checked baggage. Do yourself (and your nose) a favour and get some shade on your face.

Will and Bear Straw Hat Capri

So, what about you? What are your travel accessory essentials?

Luxury Wooden Watch

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