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Neutral about Nantes

Hmmm… What can I say about Nantes…


The architecture here is lovely. There are castles and churches you can explore. My favourite was the Chateau de ducs de Bretagne.


Nantes 2

Nantes 3

Nantes 4

Nantes 5

Nantes 6

Nantes 7

Nantes 8

Trash Problem

There is a definite trash problem here. Are people just not educated about where the trash goes? It was pretty upsetting to see the place before the street sweeper went through.

Nantes 9


The French know how to do a garden, amirite? The Jardin des Plantes was perfection with perfectly pruned bushes, large shady trees, arty fountains and turtle swimming in the ponds.

Nantes 10

Nantes 11

Nantes 12


Don’t like crepes? Too bad, that’s pretty much all they have here. Jokes. But for real… savory crepes are life here. Make sure you google to get the good ones. Not all crepes are created equal. We liked La Cantine du Cure.

Nantes 18

Fresh Food Markets

Another thing the French do so, so well. Do yourself a favour; when you’re in France, google your local market and then visit to buy yourself the ingredients for lunch. Cheese platter, fresh baguette sandwich… be inspired and sate your hunger with the finest fresh produce. In Nantes, the best is Talensac Market.

Nantes 14

Nantes 13


Ok so nothing bad ever happened, but there was just a sense of unease the entire time we were in Nantes. I never googled the crime statistics for fear of finding out something bad. Ignorance is bliss. Mostly we just didn’t stay out too late.

Nantes 16

Nantes 15

Nantes 17

Central Location

Nantes is the perfect location to get out and see the West Coast of France. We chose it to see a few stages of Tour de France, but apparently there are wine regions, beaches and beautiful country towns to be seen! Get a car (scooties no good here) and explore the region.

Noirmoutier 1

Noirmoutier 2

Noirmoutier 3

Tour de France 1

Tour de France 2

Overall, I’m glad we visited Nantes. When I talk about it in the future I’ll say that it’s a great weekend stop, or a good location to base yourself for day trips. Sure, it wasn’t the France I know and love (I was imagining something similar to Bordeaux here), but it had it’s moments.

Where is your favourite place in France?

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