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Capri in a Day

Capri Island is located just off the coast of Italy in the Bay of Naples. If you only have a short time on the Amalfi Coast, Sorrento, Naples, or anywhere nearby, I recommend a day trip to Capri Island. Matt and I were using Sorrento as a base to do some exploring along the Amalfi Coast, and first up we had a day trip to Capri planned.

We decided to a “semi-private” boat tour with Capitano Ago; a tour with only 12 people total. You can also do boat hire or private hire, but we’re not that rich. We booked it through Viator, and it was all pretty simple…. they sent us confirmation via email and to our hotel the day prior and then picked us up in a mini bus, a short way from our hotel.

We zoomed over the hill to the Grand Marina. Once there, we were introduced to our captain, Alfonzo, and his boat – the Big Biago. And so begun our tour.

Sorrento Marina

First up was a cruise out to Capri. Cups of prosecco were handed out on the cruise over, and once there we slowed down to check out the Capri coast.


Cruising around Capri Island, looking at the interesting sites and formations, Matt and I were quick to notice the beautiful colour of the water. We were desperate to jump in. Luckily we didn’t have to wait long. Capitano Alfonzo knows what the people want. We stopped for swimming and snorkelling (mask upgrades are required, although there’s nothing really to see) and enjoyed the clear, but surprisingly chilly, azure waters.

Capri Island Italy 2

Capri Island Italy 3

After a swim stop we were loaded up with sandwiches and beer, and we started visiting some of the grottos that Capri has to offer, the most famous being the Blue Grotto. Max waiting time at the Blue Grotto was 30 mins on this tour, and unfortunately we missed out. I was a bit peeved, but what could you do. Alfonzo assured me that if I really wanted to, I could catch the bus to the Grotto  once we stopped at Capri Grand Marina and get in super fast via land route. I seriously considered it.

Capri Island Italy 4

Capri Island Italy 5

Capri Island Italy 6

We stopped for another swim before heading to the Grand Marina for 4 hours to explore Capri. You could take a bus to the Blue Grotto or up to Anacapri, or you could explore the main town of Capri. Matt and I finally decided on the main town of Capri. We took the funicular to the small town for 2 euro each, each way. Alot of lines, but they move reasonably fast.

Once up, we took a seat at La Piazzetta for lunch and had an unsatisfactory salad. What were we thinking? ALWAYS eat outside the main square. Oh well.

Capri Island Italy 7


We explored the quieter laneways, making our way to the Gardens of Augustus. Go there  for the amazing views,  not for the garden, haha.

Capri Island Italy 9

Capri Island Italy

Finally, being so hot and crowded, I couldn’t take anymore exploring. I’d had enough. Alfonzo had recommended Tavola Calda for a gelato – opposite the Rolex store – so that’s where we headed. I kid you not; it was the best gelato I’ve ever had.

We decided to head back down to the Marina, and it was lucky we did. The Funicular back down was hectic busy, and took a good 30 mins of lining up to get on. Once down we had about 20 mins before Alfonzo would be back to pick us up, so we grabbed a beer and sat back to people watch.

Waiting on the jetty I was so happy for Alfonzo to pick us up to get us off the busy island that I started waving madly. He waved back and was super happy to see us too (maybe because it was almost the end of the day, haha). On the way back Alfonzo treated us to a stop at a fresh water waterfall and let us take a quick shower in it.

Sorrento Coast

On the cruise home we saw Regina Giovanna’s Bath, Baia di Puolo, Punta Campanella, and put them on our list for a visit. Alfonzo had some great recommendations for food, wine, swim locations… anything you could think of! We put them all on our list for our remaining time in Sorrento.

Capri Island is definitely a spot best seen by boat, whether you go by tour or hire your own. I wouldn’t recommend a stay on Capri due to the high prices, high tourist traffic and limited walking access to the island, unless you go on the off season. If you have any questions about our day out in Capri, let me know!

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