Almost Hiking Jarrahdale Heritage Railway Track

Public Service Announcement: Do not hike here alone. Better yet, just go somewhere else.

I drove 1.5 hours with 2 excited dogs, only to walk 200 meters, turn around and walk back.

I was absolutely screamed at by a very drug fucked individual, asking me who I was, why I was following him, and telling me to fuck off. My dogs stood by my side in a very growly, barky, protective manner, and I was very proud of them. I about-faced and headed back to the car.

I stopped at the train tracks for some pretty photos, in full sight and safety of the road.

Jarradale Heritage Rail 4

Jarradale Heritage Rail 2

Jarradale Heritage Rail 5

Jarradale Heritage Rail 1

Jarradale Heritage Rail 3

So I reiterate:
just don’t go there. There are many beautiful hikes around Perth, no point putting yourself at risk.


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