Hiking Ellis Brook Reserve

Another gem from the Life of Py’s “A Dog Friendly Hiking Guide to Perth“, Megan and I met up super early in the morning to take Charlie and Kibble out to Ellis Brook Reserve.

The highlight of Ellis Brook Reserve is the 60 Foot Falls. Now being the end of Summer, I didn’t have high hopes of the waterfalls flowing, but I thought it might be trickling at least. No such luck. We scrambled all the way to the top (and I mean scrambled, there are some steep steps!) and took in the view from the top.

Ellis Brook Reserve 1

Ellis Brook Reserve 2

We hiked down the other side into Old Barrington Quarry. The fence was ripped down, making easy access. It’s not dangerous for a walk, but it is dangerous to swim. It doesn’t necessarily stop people though. Natural selection at its finest.

After exploring the quarry we kept walking, only to find we were back to the car park. It was a less than 2km walk! I would rate it a moderate fitness hike, just because of the steep hike up the side of the waterfall! I would also recommend a visit after some rain, because without a waterfall, it was a bit ordinary.

Ellis Brook Reserve 6

Where is your favourite hiking spot in Perth?

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