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Exploring Margaret River

If you have a spare day to explore the Margaret River, and have finished with the wineries, here are some places that are amaaaaazing to see.

Bunker Bay

We stayed the weekend at the Pullman Bunker Bay, and my gosh it was amazing. The resort backs down onto the beach which you could laze at for hours. The sand was squeaky clean, and the water was an incredible colour of blue.

Sugarloaf Rock

Right down the road from Bunker Bay is the beautiful Sugarloaf Rock. The way it rises out of the blue waters and captures the sunlight is a sight to be seen! I would’ve loved to have seen it during sunset!

Margaret River Town

Pit stop! Stop in at Margaret River village to grab some local produce and then head down to the river reserve to set up on a picnic table and enjoy your bounty. Lovely birds will keep you company; the bigger ones singing in the tree tops and the smaller begging for scraps at your feet.

Indijup Natural Spa

Time for a swim! The 20 min drive from the Margaret River village to Yallingup will give you time to digest before you take on the Natural Spa! The trail to the rock pool is a bit rocky, so make sure you’re as sure-footed as a mountain goat (ie: lay off the lunch vino, haha). The Natural Spa is a wonder – the waves crash against the rock, run through a couple of channels and spill into the rock pool. Enjoy the sensation, but remember the waves can be forceful! I was pushed over a few times!

Busselton Jetty

On your way back to Perth make sure you stop in at the world’s longest wooden jetty! Busselton Jetty is a beautiful thing to photograph. You can enjoy it from the shore or head all the way out to the end! If you’re there on a Sunday before 12pm you can make the markets. I love the candles sold there.

Busselton Jetty on a Cloudy Day

There’s so much to see and do in the Margaret River region, this is just a small taster. I can’t wait to head back down to see and enjoy more! Whats your favourite thing to do in Margaret River?

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