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Australia Day at Waroona Dam

Another camping trip down at Waroona Dam! Matt and I did the hour half drive south to Waroona on Thursday. We packed up all our gear, some extra tents, the jetski and the dogs, and got down early so that we could snag the best campsite – big enough for 5 tents!

Frank the Tank Ready for Camping

We were pretty darn lucky – we got a sweet spot with water views. Check it out!

Camping at Waroona Dam

We spent the entire weekend jetskiing, wakeboarding, tubing, drinking and eating. It was glorious.

Jetskiing at Waroona Dam

Set Up at Waroona Dam

Jet Skiing at Waroona Dam

Wakeboarding at Waroona Dam

Jet Skiing Waroona Dam

Jet Skiing at Waroona Dam

3 on Board at Waroona Dam

We had just enough reception once we hooked up the mobile to Frank’s (our hilux) antenna to stream the hottest 100. I think I was the only one okay with the results.

Camping at Waroona Dam

The only disappointing part of the weekend was trying to find a little swimming pool that sits at the top of a creek that feeds into the dam. I thought I knew how to get there – the dogs and I had walked there before. The difference is that last time the dam wasn’t as full! We walked aaaalll the way around, only to find that a swamp had formed and we couldn’t get past, so we walked aaaaalll the way back. Haha. Exercise, right?


The crowds all shipped out the Saturday, including all our mates, so Matt and I (and the dogs) decided to stay one more night and enjoy the glorious quiet. I also had a go at night photography. Turns out I suck at it! Hooray!

Sleepy Dog at Waroona Dam

Sunset at Waroona Dam

Camping at Waroona Dam

Moonlight at Waroona Dam

I had a go at a GoPro quick story. What do you think?

That that ain’t enough Waroona Dam for you, check out our first camping trip there!

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