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Noble Falls Hike

It was a hiking day! I packed up the dogs and we spent a WHOLE HOUR in the car to head up into Perth Hills for a walk at Noble Falls. We arrived before 8 am, and the coast was clear, so I let the dogs run around without their leads so they could explore.

After crossing a little footbridge I followed the path along the river to the falls. Now the term “falls” was very generous. I think Noble Rapids might’ve fit a little better.









I was a bit disappointed by this one. I had more fun chasing the dogs around than enjoying the nature and “falls”, and I can chase the dogs at home without the hour drive.

Once I was back to the car I decided that all was not lost – I’ll drive another half an hour to Toodyay, and see what that was all about. I was rewarded with the most magical drive – fields and fields of canola in bloom. So beautiful!



Toodyay is a small one street town with a little fun railway (which was not operational, it was too early). It was really lovely, and I’d love to go back with Matt for breakfast. I’m glad I made the effort to have a looky. Hot tip: there were multiple police cars waiting to catch people speeding into the 40km/hr town. Some poor buggers on motorbikes got caught.




So in conclusion; Noble Falls: no. Toodyay: yes! Just make sure you make the journey a little later in the day so places are actually open! Haha.


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