The Whitest Sands in the World – Hyams Beach

If you google “the whitest sand in the world” Hyams Beach is the location that pops up. This lovely beach is located in my hometown of Jervis Bay, and holds the Guinness World Record for the whitest sand in the world. While I was at home my mum and I did the bush/beach walk between Greenfields Beach, along Chinamans Beach, through to Hyams. Being a chilly winters day, the clouds stopped the sun enhancing the brilliant white of the sand, so my pictures don’t do it justice, but you can see the potential in a few.

Hyams Beach Jervis Bay
Hyams Beach Jervis BayHyams Beach Jervis BayHyams Beach Jervis BayHyams Beach Jervis BayIMG_7433Hyams Beach Jervis BayIMG_7466IMG_7468IMG_7474Hyams Beach Jervis BayHyams Beach Jervis BayHyams Beach Jervis Bay

The water was clear and looked extremely inviting, but I just couldn’t bear taking off even one layer of clothing, let alone stripping down and plunging into the icy water. Seriously – I had about 20 layers of clothing on. I felt like the Michelin Man.

Hyams Beach is about 2 hours south of Sydney, and is definitely worth the trip if you’re looking for a beautiful beach without the overwhelming crowds that Bondi brings (ps: Bondi sucks, go to Jervis Bay, haha).