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Diving Blizzard Ridge at Lighthouse Bay – Exmouth

After our snorkel with Ningaloo Whale Shark Swim we were super excited to do our dives with Dive Ningaloo. We chose Dive Ningaloo for two reasons; they did a super good deal with the whale shark swim, and they are the only company who can dive the Navy Pier. I’ll blog about that one later.

Our first dive was at Blizzard Ridge, in Lighthouse Bay. The Dive Ningaloo dive master told us that it is called Blizzard Ridge for a couple of reasons;

  1. Because when the seas are rough it creates a bit of sand storm and looks like a blizzard.
  2. Because when the seas are calm, there are SO many little fish that it looks like a fish blizzard!

What surprised me most about our first dive on Ningaloo Reef was the amount of marine life. Everything was just so alive, and no matter where you looked, there was something wonderful to look at! Not only that, but the fish were just so flirty. They would come so close – sometimes you couldn’t see the sea through the fish! Check it out in the photos and video below.

Mad props to Dive Ningaloo for being great guides, having tip top equipment and providing a freaking delicious lunch. Definitely recommend the Dive Ningaloo team for any keen scuba divers out there!











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