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Monkey Mia & Francois Peron National Park

Our first morning in Monkey Mia we wandered down to the beach to see the dolphin feed. The dolphins showed up right on time! We were lucky enough to visit while there was a baby dolphin, which was born the previous Friday. So small!


A turtle visited too!


We got back to our camp set up for some breakfast, just in time to be visited by a local emu!


We spent the rest of the day exploring Francois Peron National Park. First we stopped at Shell Beach, a beach made up entirely of tiny white shells. The water was crystal clear and chilly.


We took some 4wd tracks to check out all the best views in the area.



We drove through FP National Park up to Big Lagoon to have a fancy picnic. The drive out was sandy and took a looooong time. After our picnic we drove back through to park up at Little Lagoon and do a bit of uni study. Matt and I are both at uni, so we had to suck it up and get it done. Couldn’t complain about the location though! Our awning provided some much needed shade.


Once we were done we drove back to the campsite for dinner and to pack up as much as we can, ready to be back on the road early the next day. We captured some of our exploring in the video below! Check it out!


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