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Camping at Waroona Dam

On the weekend we went camping at Waroona Dam with a group of 6 friends. We left Friday afternoon, got down before sunset, set up our tents, BBQ and settled in for the night. Matt and I got a new tent, so we had fun trying to figure out how to best set it up on the site.
Bright and early Saturday morning we moved down next to the water and set up for a day of jet skiing, wake boarding and swimming. I’ve never tried to wake board behind a jet ski before, and far out it was hard. I didn’t get up once. Just ended up with sore arms and abs. Good fun though!
That night we fired up our keg BBQ and cooked up espetada for everyone. It’s one of our favourite BBQ meals to make. Sunday I got up early and took the dogs on a 3km walk. I thought I wanted to go all the way around the dam… but it was 10-12km, and it was too hot. After breakfast we had another morning of water sports before heading home. We are hoping to get in another couple of weekend camps before we lock in a big camping trip in April.

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