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Home for Christmas!

Matt and I took time off to head home for Christmas this year. Christmas is a hectic time for us. We both have split parents, so we have 4 families to catch up with, and then friends on top of that. Hectic.
Our first day was spent with Matt’s cousin. He lives in Melbourne and was heading home Christmas day, so we wouldn’t get the chance to see him again. We caught up, had lunch and beers. He also showed me an amazing app called “Happiest Hour”. Shows all the bars and pubs in the area who are having happy hour. Matt got his fill of the pokies too. We don’t have poker machines in pubs as WA, only in casinos.
We head down the coast Christmas eve to spend the night at my Dad’s house. Matt, my brothers, Dad and I spent the evening eating too much, playing uno and cricket down the park. Christmas day we got up early to go for a fish. Matt caught a crab… but only because the crab was too stubborn to let go of the bait.
After opening presents with the fam, including Nan, we headed to Huskisson to have beach Christmas with my Mum and her side of the family, and some of her friends. Matt tried his hand at skim boarding, and I played another few games of Uno. So much Uno.
We drove back up to Wollongong after to have dinner with Matt’s mum’s family – the Italians, and got in on the second half of their huge Christmas day feast. It was a looooong day.
Boxing day we caught up with Matt’s dad’s side of the family – the Croatians. We had a BBQ, swam in the pool and had some drinks.
We spent the next couple of days catching up with friends. A couple of days later we went out on the town for dinner and drinks with Matt’s cousins who rent our house, his sister and some friends. The waiter spilt a whole glass of red wine on me, and Matt’s sister had to drive me home for a shower and to get changed. I tried not to let it put a dampener on the night. Super annoying though.
New years eve was spent at a friends house, and then local social club. It was a good night, nice to catch up on everyone and check out our old digs… nothing exciting though.
New Years Day was another Italian feast at Matt’s mums house. We ate far too much and got drunk on red wine and limoncello. We were up early the next day for the plane home, and all the activities we had planned for the day….


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