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Ziplining & Kayaking through the Daintree Rainforest

Why walk through the Daintree when you can zipline or kayak!

The day started with ziplining. We were given fun helmets with names on them. Mine was Tinkerbell, Matt’s was Tarzan, and my dad had Rambo!


It was such a fun morning cruising through the jungle canopy! Check us out in the video below (and have a laugh at my dad being videographer).


Afterwards it was a cruise on our kayaks. This was actually not as fun. It all started nicely, but then the wind had come up, and the water was all choppy. There was promise of clear water, turtles and the possibility of dugongs… but alas, there were none. The weather just did not want to play nice. The scenery was lovely though, so no regrets.

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