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7 Reasons to Visit Kings Park

Kings Park and Botanical Garden is located just outside Perth CBD and is 400 hectares of amazing Western Australian flora, walking tracks and unique features. It’s a must do when you’re in Perth – there’s just so much to see and do! Here are some highlights!

#1 Check out the views.

#2 Run/walk through the many tracks and trails.

#3 Take a look at the wildflowers.

#4 Walk over Kings Park Federation Walkway.

#5 Climb the DNA tower.

#6 See the War Memorials


#7 Check out the restaurant or cafe.

It’s such a great spot to visit anytime of the year, but especially in Spring when the wildflowers are out (and it’s not too hot). You can make it a quick trip or spend hours exploring – the options are endless! Take a trip there today!


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