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Sail Croatia – Split

Here it was – our final day on the Dionis. Matt and I had to back up for one more night of partying. The struggle was real. We sailed into Split, docked, and started to explore the town. I must say; our hearts weren’t in it. Matt had started getting a head cold and I was just dead tired. We checked out the market and the city walls, but didn’t get many photos. Perhaps because of our general well being we didn’t see anything special about Split. It didn’t have the beauty or vibrant people of the other small towns.




Once we had our fill of the city we jumped back on the boat to get ready for the last party. All the boats who finish cruising on the same day meet up at the Inbox Bar for an epic party. Matt and I partied hard knowing it was our second last night in Europe.


The next day, Matt pulled up so sick. We struggled off the boat to our hotel. The plan had been to explore the city one last time and get the majority of alcohol out of our system before we begun our huge journey home. But mostly we hid in the hotel until dinner time, then met up with some people from the boat for some food, before heading back to bed.

Our trip home was the worst. We had Split to Frankfurt, Frankfurt to London, London to Dubai, Dubai to Sydney. The cherry on top was Matt had a full blown nasal infection, so he couldn’t get comfortable the entire flight. Once home, we both came down with nasal/chest infections and had to go on antibiotics. Not the best way to end the trip, but with all that drinking, I wasn’t really surprised!

Until next time Europe!

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