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Sydney Royal Easter Show

27 years old and I had never been to the Easter show! What the hell?! Matt’s cousin and I caught the train up Sydney to check out what it is all about.

First up: Dock Dogs. I didn’t even know this was a thing. It’s a competition to see which dog can jump the highest/furthest off a dock into water. It was hilariously impressive.


Next up were the prize winning animals. My favourite were the little piglets that were part of the kids petting farm, and a terrifying turkey which won first place.


We then took a bit of a break, watching a kids show about a clumsy pirate. It wasn’t as entertaining as I wanted it to be. Maybe I’m a grown up now.


We caught a few more shows including cars doing impossible feats and wood chopping.

It was after midday, so we meandered towards the food stalls… getting distracted along the way by wine, beer and cider tastings.


With a full belly we caught a ride on the ferris wheel to see the lay of the land and the Sydney CBD in the distance.

We caught a last show; synchronised horse riding/dancing thing (a bit beyond me) and then caught the train back home.


I think the Sydney Royal Easter Show is great if you have a bit of coin and well behaved kids… and if not, I think you’ll get away with just taking the kids to a local fair or carnival. It’s practically the same for the kids. For the big kids, it was fun to see all the shows, as long as you have the patience to deal with the crowds… which generally I don’t.

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