Europe Wandering – Monte Carlo!

From Paris to Monte Carlo! We caught a train early in the morning from Paris to Monaco, straight into the expensive city of Monte Carlo! After checking in and putting on some Summer clothes (finally), we started exploring – we only have 1 night! Straight down the casino to take in its magnificence, and then to the beach… lordy we were pasty white!
Casino de Monte Carlo
That night went to the casino to put some money on the tables (oh my goodness, so expensive!) and have quite a few bevvies. We had a hilarious time trying to order chartreuse from the barman – apparently our pronunciation was WAY off. He made us practice every time we went back to order, much to his amusement.
We spent (literally) the night canvassing the blackjack and roulette tables. We ordered drinks through the wait staff…. and didn’t realise that the drinks were free when you were playing the tables. Turns out we were giving between 20-50 euro tips every time. No wonder the wait staff were looking after us so well!!
After a very late night, we got up reasonably early to do a last walk through of Monte Carlo and the Princess Grace Gardens before shooting off to our next destination. It was a whirlwind trip, but we couldn’t afford to stay any longer!! Haha.

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